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How “The Variant” Effects Leaders

If there was ever a time in human history for leaders to have coaching, this would be it. This is the perfect opportunity for leaders to learn how to not only handle fear-based stories in new ways, but to also offer support to other staff when they are operating under fear. Fear in the workplace is best handled by making sure leaders “put on their oxygen masks first,” so they don’t spread fear to the rest of the staff.

The COVID “Variant” is very distracting to the workplace. It’s bringing up a lot of worry and fear-based thinking that is leaving employees at a near standstill with both their current workload and wondering how this new concern impacts their personal lives.

However, pandemic thinking doesn’t have to be a distraction for your staff; they can in fact learn the tools to think beyond fear and worry. Here at Endless Ocean Coaching, our strength has always been to move people through and beyond fear-based thinking and experiences. We have a knack for helping people think without creating stress. When employees are not stressed, they get their goals done faster and are more likely to be in a creative space to build the next best thing.

Learn more about how offering COVID Recovery to Your Employees is a cost effective and loving way to support your employees during this time. It’s also a way to help promote loyalty to your company; as you take care of your employees, they will take care of your company when the need arises. This healthy and dynamic leadership planning will get your staff through and beyond pandemic thinking. We at Endless Ocean Coaching can’t wait to help you get there!

You are welcome to reach out to Shannon personally if COVID Recovery for your company is needed now. There is no better time to start!


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