About Endless Ocean Coaching

At Endless Ocean Coaching, we’re passionate about transforming problems into opportunities through advancing people's communication skills, decision making processes, time management skills, their ability to meet goals, to create workplace balance & harmony and teach people how to reduce their own stress levels. 


Through our individual and group coaching programs, and leadership development workshops we help clients develop a new way of thinking that leads to results. Our coaching programs work for everyone, including executives & team leaders, business owners, and entire organizations.

We incorporate one-of-a-kind assessments that help participants discover their strengths, personalities, values, attitudes and behaviors that affect their work experience and performance. This process of self-awareness impacts the energy of your staff and empowers them to create new outcomes for your organization in both the long-and-short term. 


About Shannon Kelly, Owner

Certified with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and in Energy Leadership™ Development, Shannon Kelly helps both individuals and organizational teams succeed. She’s a firm believer that everyone – no matter their career status or organizational team – can benefit immensely from leadership coaching.

Through a combination of detailed assessments and educational strategies, she educates clients on identifying and overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. She offers concrete advice on advancing communication skills, eliminating workplace obstacles, and improving time management, team building, and wellness. With these powerful leadership tools, clients can create positive shifts in themselves and their organizational teams.

The results from Energy Leadership Training are endless. Organizations benefit from increased productivity, reduced intra-office conflict, and lower employee turnover rates, whereas individuals enjoy better relationships, self-awareness, and career performance