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What We Offer

As certified Energy Leadership Development Coaches, we provide new and seasoned leaders with the skills needed to achieve extraordinary results. From individuals who want to advance their careers to organizations seeking a long-lasting solution to inter-office conflict, we empower leaders to be their best selves and enable change.

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Our Process

Depending on your unique needs, we offer two comprehensive coaching programs: individual and group.


Individual leadership coaching is suitable for individuals seeking career advancement and involves weekly online or in-person one-on-one sessions. We use comprehensive assessment tools, including the Energy Leadership™ Index, to gain insight into a client’s leadership skills and identify potential roadblocks. During a series of one-hour sessions, we’ll develop an understanding of an individual’s objectives before providing them with the skills necessary to advance their career.


When more than 20 people are interested in improving their leadership abilities, we suggest our group leadership coaching. We’ll start by developing a foundation of everyone’s current leadership performance using the Energy Leadership™ Index assessment tool. Through an interactive workshop, we’ll teach various tools needed to become an effective leader. During one-on-one coaching sessions, we offer personalized feedback to group participants.

What Coaching Can Help With





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Our Results

Numerous barriers could be preventing personal and professional success – and our comprehensive coaching programs address all of them. By educating participants on their strengths and weaknesses through personality and attitudinal assessments, we can enhance their leadership capabilities.

When a leader’s more aware of the world around them, they can reshape their perspective and increase their leadership effectiveness. Our coaching programs share practical tools and techniques to improve interpersonal skills, remove obstacles in-front of goals, and maximize work performance.

We know that the right leadership can inspire and guide a team to achieve common goals and launch organizations into a more profitable space. Our work integrates the Energy Leadership™ Development System, which provides accelerated training on how to master the eight essential aspects of an effective leader. These include, but are not limited to, problem-solving, dynamic communication, influencing and engaging others, productivity, decision making, and time management.

Results from our coaching programs are long-lasting, often extending to coworkers, projects, and a company’s culture well after the program’s conclusion.

There’s being a boss and being a leader, but only the latter can maximize their own and their team's potential.

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