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Altruistic Leadership Training

I am excited to announce that we are offering a new workshop starting at the beginning of the year! As you know, I have a passion for reducing workplace stress and building healthier leadership patterns.

The next phase in this process of serving leaders and companies is through the lens of altruism. 

al·tru·is·tic adjective

showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.

This training will focus on the following components:

  • Learning ways to impact both the company and employees’ well being


  • Gaining insight into leadership patterns and how they affect others


  • Learning  empowering and healthy workplace communication


  • Developing tools to become better, service-oriented leaders


Reach out now to learn more about the Altruistic Leadership Training for your team or whole organization!

Learn more about altruism on our blog here!

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