Events and Workshops

Our events are constantly changing, often due to the needs of the community that we work in. If you are looking for a workshop for your team or organization specific to your companies unique needs, please email Shannon at, Shannon@endlessoceancoaching.com

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Work with Less Stress:
A Workshop for Working Professionals

The workshop is in the Madison area, Thursday October 6th from 9am-12pm.

This workshop will cover the following:

-You will learn the tool of Energy Leadership, which shows how we present when we experience stress and how we present when we are in higher levels of leading.


-We will use Energy Leadership to break down stress patterns you currently have. You will also have this basic tool available to keep practicing on your own.


-We will touch upon Value-Based Leadership and how it impacts our creation of stress.


-We will also create awareness of how stress interferes with communication, productivity, creativity and outcomes at work. This awareness gives us more power to do something about it.

The cost of this 3-hour workshop is $65. Light snacks and coffee are provided.


Please sign up for this workshop here. If your company would like to pay for the ticket directly, please email Shannon@endlessoceancoaching.com for corporate invoicing.


Space is limited to 40 participants.