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Upcoming Workshops

Our events are constantly changing, often due to the needs of the community that we work in. If you are looking for a workshop for your team or organization specific to your companies unique needs, please email Shannon at,

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LEARNING LAB: The Power We Have to Create Less Stress at Work


Join Shannon Kelly, Owner and Certified Coach of Endless Ocean Coaching, as we explore and dismantle this pervasive viewpoint and create a healthier, more sustainable approach to work. From uncovering the root causes of our stress, to identifying our personal trigger patterns, this session invites you to adopt a new mental toolkit of strategies that can help you deal with the demands of your work thoughtfully, sustainably and healthfully.

By slowing down to take a closer look at the stress in our lives, we grant ourselves the power to build on our dreams and a brighter future, too.

Group Coaching for Stress Reduction
for 2023; Available in the US and UK

This year I will be offering group coaching by the month for those who are seeking to lower their stress levels and also grow in their personal and professional development. These groups will meet once a  week from 7:00-8:30 CST (US) and (London/UK) on Thursday for the 1st -4 weeks of the month. 

What I personally have loved as a coach is watching people grow and learn together in group coaching. In many ways a coaching group is like a small community. This is a safe space with others who are also seeking to improve the quality of their lives. So it’s an inspirational process and opportunity for connection.

Group coaching with Shannon will be happening every month in 2023 except January and August for break. 

Group Coaching involves;
-Learning as a group
-Each person gets their individual coaching time per week
-1st – Thursday of each month
-You will be able to look at one or two things that are causing you stress
-You will learn many of the tools that Shannon uses with her individual clients.

-Sessions will be on Zoom

Groups are very small, so please email Shannon if you would like to reserve your space.

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