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Blue Water

 We specialize in leadership development that reduces stress, improves productivity and transforms organizational culture.


Low productivity levels, high employee turnover rates, and intra-office conflict are standard in many business environments – but they don’t need to be in yours. With the right leadership, building a collaborative team and fulfilling organizational objectives is possible.

Together, we can uncover and address the issues that prevent you or your organization from reaching its full potential. As specialists in the Energy Leadership™ Development System, we help professionals develop an effective leadership style – and propel a business to the next level.

Ready to achieve your individual goals or positively transform your organization? Our in-depth group or individual leadership coaching programs can teach you how!

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About Endless Ocean Coaching

We know that training does not change a person’s behavior – but coaching can. As Endless Ocean Coaching’s owner, Shannon Kelly’s certifications and experience help her identify pain points as growth opportunities. A specialist in the Energy Leadership™ Development System, she’s well-versed in developing strategic plans to support individual or organizational work goals.


As part of our unique process, we use comprehensive personality and attitudinal assessments to unravel behavioral patterns and gain insight into leadership competencies. We educate individuals and groups on overcoming obstacles, becoming more effective leaders, and achieving personal and organizational goals. From sole proprietors to entire management teams, our leadership coaching programs help new and seasoned leaders unlock their potential and achieve exceptional results.


Online Meeting

Through a series of one-hour private sessions, we help brand new or experienced leaders strengthen their leadership qualities and maximize performance. Our one-on-one leadership coaching program is fully customizable to the needs and objectives of an individual. Coaching results vary widely and can reduce stress, increase productivity, and eliminate emotional blocks surrounding projects or relationships.

Group Meeting

We develop an understanding of your business, specific objectives, and coaching requirements during our group leadership coaching. Using an innovative process that combines both individual coaching and group learning, leaders learn how to optimize their work performance – and their team’s. This program can assist any group of people that desire better leadership skills and is well-suited for organizations that want to improve team engagement.

Calm Sea

Success Stories

"Shannon is not only an amazing coach, but she also sees what needs to be done; these are things I never would have perceived. I invested in my business’s future when I took Shannon on as an asset to my practice. It is one of the best business decisions I have ever made."

Dr. Paula Kral, Dental Health Partners

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Madison, WI


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