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Leadership Videos

One of the ways to get to know Endless Ocean Coaching's mission with organizational development is through how we teach our clients about patterns that cause stress in the workplace, and how we integrate new patterns that create happy and healthy work environments. 

Happy Friday!
I am happy you made it!

Happier leaders, are building the future of organizations. These leaders are not super humans, they have learned and practiced how to manage stress and share their learning with others.


I hope someday that your work life is so sweet that the day of the week dictate doesn't determine your work experience or personal happiness.

Is it Friday Yet?

Are you a victim of your work or your work environment? Are you feeling stressed and exhausted already? Let's find out on this fabulous Monday!


What is taking "taking the temperature" as a leader?

Leadership has everything to do with how the individual person sees the world around them, from their role in the company, their purpose within the company and also the people around them. When we are mindful of our temperature, we can have bigger impact on what is happening in our organizations.

A look at Shannon 7 years ago!

Shannon still provides life coaching to those who really want life change. She still believes in the power of people to change their lives. She loves clients who are ready to go get it!

Check out for more information. 

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