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Accountability, Love and Leadership

For me, leadership is a healthy mix of accountability and love. Accountability is one of my top values and it’s one of the reasons people come to me for coaching; they are looking to establish accountability in an empowering and loving way.

To understand what accountability is, let’s look at its opposite. Often, when clients come to me, they are having a difficult time addressing all the things that are happening in their personal and/or work lives. They may have fallen into patterns of avoidance, anger, frustration, struggle and most certainly stress. Though these are normal human patterns and emotions, their outcomes in life and the workplace are undesirable at best.

It is when a leader or organization realizes they have grown tired of living in the cycle of these patterns, that they are usually ready for coaching. This realization means that they want to take responsibility and desire to see ways they can create new outcomes for their company and teams.

Love, on the other hand is an ingredient that we don’t often associate with successful leadership in the corporate world, even though it is essential to creating a long-standing, functional environment. In Leadership, getting back to the basics is a very good thing. Love in leadership is the idea that we cultivate others’ interests and wellbeing as we would our own. In many spiritual teachings this could be called the Golden Rule: the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated.

In Energy Leadership, love is Level 4. Love is not the highest level in Energy Leadership, but it is much more productive and healthier than the levels below it. So, maintaining love is a step in the right direction.

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Very often, when I get individual clients that are trying to leave a workplace, it’s because the management doesn’t possess the qualities of accountability and love. Human beings will only take low levels of leadership for so long before they become accountable for their own work experience and career choices. This usually means getting fed up and leaving. As I met client after client who was jumping ship at their workplace, I realized that it was time that I start going into businesses and helping them reshape the culture behind these patterns. These patterns are not only hard on the human beings involved, but they are also costing them a great deal of money.

Is your team or organization seeking a new way of doing things? Do you want your staff to be excited about the projects they are working on? Do you want them to find stability and loyalty through a loving and accountable work environment? Then coaching with Endless Ocean Coaching is a perfect match for you! We only operate with accountability and love, and we can teach you how to do the same.

Reach out to Shannon to get more information on booking leadership training and coaching for your leaders. Here is the link to book a free 30-minute consultation.


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