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Why Organizational Climate and Culture are Important

One of the most important parts of my job is to increase people’s ability to have a better work experience. This includes ensuring that leaders utilize appropriate communication for the people they serve. This means that when there is stress, it’s used for learning and to create better days ahead—both for individual employees and the organization as a whole.

What I like about the words “climate” and “culture” is that their natures are ever-evolving. I believe that many businesses in the past didn’t seek change or initiate new ways to grow. Most of the companies that were not in a state of change and growth often faded away or were eventually bought out in order to infuse new life into them. It’s unfortunate that people and work environments only appear to become truly important after a huge turnover, profit loss or catastrophic transition within the company. It’s certainly possible to come back after these experiences, but the work it takes to get there is often twice as difficult.

My business is centered around what the experience is like for the employee and the leaders around them. When people are doing well, the company does well. Furthermore, I have found that giving people just a few tools that work for them, really makes a huge difference in how they experience their work environment. What’s more, these tools usually can be used for years to come.

When it comes to organizational development, we often look at the big picture and get overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. However, when you start to break it down person by person and team by team, there are more realistic changes that can be implemented more quickly.

My hope for the future of organizations I work with, is that we hear people saying:

“I really enjoy working for that company. They have done a great job making sure I had the tools, feedback and support I needed for my role.”

“I finally feel like I can flourish here.”

“I’m looking forward to what else I can bring to this organization over time.”

These statements are not wishful thinking; they are the collaborative effort of people willing to lean into growth and be part of the climate and culture of their work environment.

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