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Building the Coaching Relationship

When I work with a client, I feel it’s a great privilege to be able to support their growth, assist them in the hard work of creating higher outcomes and be a sounding board through thick and thin.

The support I offer clients has increased over the years, as I have learned what is helpful to facilitate their journey. It’s also important for me to help clients hold on to the growth that they make in coaching—which means supporting them as they move forward through all life’s challenges.

Each client session includes:

· Personalized notes and a summary of the session

· Goal and session reminders via emails or texts

· Weekly reflections that are personalized to the client

· Empathy, compassion, empowerment and a safe space to process stress

Since I use conversation to conduct much of my coaching work, building trust is, by nature, a long-term process. Furthermore, while coaching does provide me the ability to build trust more quickly through the privilege of dynamic and deep conversations, deeper and more lasting trust is then established as clients return to the work of coaching, session after session—as they continue their journey of growth and build their very best lives.


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