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Ways To Give

Not only am I passionate about the wellbeing of people, but I’m also passionate about helping people tap into their power of selflessly giving, (also known as altruism). This is a perfect time of year to remember the power we have to change the life of another. I wanted to create a list of ways we can all give back and that can be incorporated into our normal everyday lives. Some of these efforts of giving are small, yet they can deeply impact the wellbeing and welfare of another human. This is the superpower that we all have!

One of the ways I personally enjoy giving back is by donating life-changing books to people and nonprofit organizations. I have always found that knowledge has served in making my life better and it has also helped me give more to other people.

I want to encourage you to start giving to others in small and big ways, not only as a service to another person, but also as a healthy way to live. When we give, we are more likely to feel abundance and less stress.

Ways to Give:

-Take food to a free food pantry in your community—Little Food Pantries are my favorite.

-Take extra books to a Little Free Library

-Send cards with kind and encouraging thoughts to domestic violence shelters

-Visit retirement communities or have treats delivered

-Smile at someone when you’re at the store

-Talk to a person struggling emotionally and make eye contact with them

-Give someone a compliment when you see them

-Take a treat to a neighbor

-Hand out food, water, blankets, or socks to local homeless people

-Ask someone if they need something that would make their life better

-Pay for an overdue school lunch account at a local school

-Have a card-making party with friends and send the cards to an organization

I would love to hear ways through which you are creating a better world! Let me know what altruism looks like to you. How has giving changed your life?

I wish you peace and love this winter season.

With Kindness,



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