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COVID Recovery for Companies Starts with a Workshop

After everything that has happened in the last two years, people and companies could use a fresh start! Let me share what led me to design a COVID Recovery Workshop for Leaders and Companies.

My area of academic study is the understanding of how people process—both mentally and emotionally. This means that I am gifted at getting to the heart of how people think and how those mindsets lead to future actions and outcomes. I then use this information to help them redesign their thought patterns.

Some of my first academic study was in the UK. There, it’s very common for a Leadership Psychologist to be on staff. In fact, many people in my UK program went on to work in the private business sector. What drew me to the UK was that it was the only place on the planet studying Psychology Coaching. Psychology Coaching is an interesting combination of coaching and the psychology of how we hold belief patterns in our memory.

I saw that as human beings, we are influenced by everything around us: media, our co-workers, our family, our patterns as a society and even the events happening in our own communities. With this understanding of influence, I realized that I could be equally as powerful at laying down new belief patterns with my clients. This means I could, with their permission, help them design their own thought patterns, so they could have different experiences in the workplace and in their personal lives.

The Pandemic was a global change, and almost everyone will see and feel the effects of such a change for years to come. Yet, this collective change can also present some unique opportunities when it comes to developing our collective leadership skills.

I fully believe that we can use our pandemic experiences to pivot into a population with stronger and more skilled leaders. I designed a workshop that offers the opportunity to effectively retain what we have learned from COVID, as well as understand how to shake off the dust from this global change—so that we can live more freely in our work and personal lives, no matter what happens in the future.

The workshop is 4 hours long. In that time, we first cover Energy Leadership and Value System Awareness. These are huge parts of my coaching work, and they are important learnings for leaders who want to up their emotional intelligence and be seen as wise, kind, and fair. It’s also vital training for leaders who want to experience less stress.

The second half of the workshop introduces a process I created called the 4-R’s of COVID Recovery. In my hundreds of hours of coaching, I’ve noticed that everyone goes through a similar experience when participating in a developmental-growth-oriented process. This process is the means by which human beings shift from old mental frameworks to new ones. This process requires time and intentional practice to be put into our memory.

Therefore, coaching can also be valuable for a time after the training/workshop process has been completed. It allows us to continue to dig deep into the work of releasing old Pandemic-created thinking paradigms and flip the switch to more stress-free and creative thinking patterns.

Another huge benefit to investing in leadership development now, is that your staff will know that you are proactive in making their work life better. Many leaders and organizations are “waiting to see” how things play out to determine their financial futures. However, companies that choose to build legacy by helping their employees now, are re-setting the framework of action for decades to come.

If you want all the benefits of a staff that is proactive and excited about their work and their roles within your organization, reach out to us at Endless Ocean Coaching to book your workshop and inquire how a few hours a coaching a week can change the framework of your business.


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