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Executive Coaching: The 4 Things Every CEO Gains from Coaching

Executives and CEOs often have the hardest jobs in the world. They are living representations of a company’s culture and a mirror of leadership for their entire staff.

I am a firm believer that every owner, CEO and executive should have their own coach. Coaching is a great way to lower stress levels, while learning to work smarter, not harder—so leaders can access their full potential, without sacrificing their health and sanity.

Executive coaching is even more popular now that the pandemic has placed most businesses in a recovery phase. That is why organizational recovery currently makes up the majority of our leadership development work.

Through my many hours of coaching leaders, the following were four things every one of my clients walked away with, having gained.

A Vision for the Future — There is nothing more energizing and empowering for a leader than being able to have a vision of their organization for the next three months, a year and three years down the road. Furthermore, they learn the role they play in taking the organization there.

We have a saying that we often quote in the Midwest from the movie, Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” The point of sharing that quote is this: if you have a clear vision of where your organization is going in the short and long term, it means you will be an active agent in creating the habits that will build the organization you envision. This creates a powerful trickle-down effect of energy that moves into those you lead (and, in turn, one’s client and customer base). Your team will no longer be just along for the ride, but rather become agents of change themselves as they help you build that vision. Endless Ocean Coaching shows you how to find and define this vision and helps get your team on board with the process of manifesting it.

Re-Energizing Your Team — Currently there is nothing more valuable for leaders than teaching them ways to reignite their team’s energy, post pandemic. Being able to speak another’s language (aka building connections and motivating their unique staff) is a skill that can be learned. These valuable soft skills, once established, create teams that will not only weather the storms, they will also become teams that leaders dream about.

A desire for greater motivation, focus and enthusiasm are often what drives leaders and teams to seek coaching and development to begin with. Companies are, in many ways, like living organisms; their health and balance must be assessed and cared for in order to reach their true potential.

Skill- and Strength-Based Leaders We live in an era in which people want to feel a connection to their work, while also having a more balanced life. The pandemic took this culture shift to the next level. Employees want to have a more purposeful role in their work, as well as the resources to do their jobs with less stress. In order to create the kind of environment in which there is reduced turnover, sometimes outside help is needed. Our approach at Endless Ocean Coaching has always been to help people understand themselves, their natural skills, their strengths and—above all—their values. When one has a clear picture of themselves, they are more likely to utilize those qualities in their work and in their relationships. Happier people not only cost less money, but they also have the potential to make more money. Beyond the financial side that is of course a necessary part of business, there is also the human aspect in which the reality of all businesses live. A strong interpersonal component has become increasingly valuable for the expansion of one’s business. This is why we, as coaches, invest so much time in building skill-and strength-based leaders. These are the qualities that will impact what the future looks for their organization for years to come.

Loving Accountability — Three years ago we never would have imagined that we would be living through a global pandemic. There is not a person on this planet that hasn’t been adversely affected by this event. For many people, the pandemic has put us in the role of victim by our experiences. For many organizations it means they took a financial blow from which they are still trying to recover.

Let me explain why accountability is virtually impossible when we are suffering. When we are in “victim mode,” we are only able to look out for our own needs and survival. We are not in place of taking care of our team, our company and our community. Our style of coaching at Endless Ocean Coaching, helps the client understand where they are in their viewpoints and, through dynamic discussions, shift them to accountable thinking and beyond.

The reason I use the word “loving,” is because many people learn best when in a safe, patient and compassionate space. In my study of the brain, I have learned that people are more receptive to learning when they are in a supportive, rather than forceful environment. This can be a tall order for a team and leader who are already under stress. That’s why we are here: to facilitate the most effective process of creating positive change in your business.

As I share these 4 Executive Coaching outcomes, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to implement the highest level of leadership skills for today’s leaders and today’s challenges. I am a firm believer that this time in human history is marked by the evolution of growth. No one is making greater strides than in the business world. A free consultation on our leadership development is only a click away. We look forward to shaping your leaders and your organization in the days and months to come.


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