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Offering COVID Recovery to Your Employees


As my small team of coaches and I were reflecting on the themes of our work with clients recently, we noticed that we were helping person after person bounce back from the changes that started with the global pandemic. We realized that people are needing help—specific help—and they don’t even realize the true impact that these changes are having on their work performance and their personal lives.

The pandemic was a planetary change and many of us are still in a fog about what we have just been through. Everyone we have been talking to hasn’t “felt quite right” and is having a hard time putting their finger on the problem or how to move forward.

So, we put our heads together here at Endless Ocean Coaching and created 3 offerings for companies and leaders aimed at helping people return to a new normal. Through our conversations with clients, we refresh them with new ways of thinking and being, so we can truly live again—no matter the uncertainties that the world sends our way.

4-Hour Workshop on COVID Recovery and Refresh for Leaders and Teams

The first way we realized we could make the biggest impact was to do a specialized workshop that moves through how COVID has affected individual teams and leaders. We noticed that peoples’ thoughts have changed about their work roles and how they were handling uncertainty. As a result, they are having a very hard time with relationships in the workplace because everyone has changed a lot since this started.

We noticed that people are experiencing stress and discomfort trying to get back into the new normal and it is becoming exhausting for everyone.

So, we created a workshop that normalizes their experiences and is loaded with tools to help them ease into a better frame of mind about everything work- (and world-) related. With every workshop that we host, we love to have fun and get people moving, both mentally and physically—which offers another refreshing change needed to “wake up” from old pandemic thinking.

Further add-ons and/or individual offerings include:

Individual Sessions to Enhance the Pandemic Refresh

The two most helpful offerings we came up with are small coaching packages that could be used after the workshop or for an individual in need of assistance to take these valuable themes and tools into everyday work life with practice. The best way to have a workshop operate effectively is to follow it up with more layering of these new mindsets, so that we can, in fact, feel and live them.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a great way to have many people receive coaching but at less overall cost. Furthermore, in many situations, it helps build relationships within organizations. Four to eight leaders will participate in a cycling schedule in which they receive individual assistance and learning as others in the group are receiving the coaching portion. It’s profound how this experience helps people find even more tools and assistance because they can witness first-hand how their own experiences are reflected in the those of the other participants. This comes as a huge relief to most people and behaves as a powerful springboard for successful coaching.

Bouncing back and finding peace is possible after the pandemic. We are ready to help your team, organization or leader get back to a better place so they can do more of the excellent work they are capable of. This is an impactful and timely investment in your workforce, and one that many of us cannot afford to skip.

Please reach out to Shannon personally to book a COVID Recovery Workshop and additional services. We are back to in-person, as well as virtual training and coaching offerings. We love to help leaders dust off from these big changes and create an even better work experience.

Shannon can be reached at


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