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The Cost of Gender Inequality in the Workplace

I work with a lot of women leaders! I have been blessed to work with entire women-owned and women-only businesses. Women are often more drawn to the coaching process because they want to learn and create a better work life for themselves and those around them. It’s natural for them to want change and growth.

I have also done developmental work in plenty of environments where leadership was not educated on how to foster gender inclusion in the workplace. This, unfortunately, is completely normal, as it is not something we are regularly taught by our parents or within the academic world.

When a work environment doesn’t have a healthy balance of male and female energy, it’s usually lacking productive energy, so projects and profits stagnate.

Women leaders who want to change the world through their gifts and talents won’t stay in a work environment that isn’t conducive to their needs.

I have witnessed a group of women talking in a high-level collaboration space and when a man walked up, they all worked to include him in the conversation. I have also seen the opposite: a group of men collaborating, and a woman joins the group. The men did not have the skills to include her in the conversation in a healthy way, so she could be an active and powerful contributor.

This means that women are not getting equal space to shine and contribute their best work. When a woman doesn’t trust that they will be received as an equal, they will stop contributing. They will realize that their ideas are not taken with the same equal measure and feel that their participation is a waste of their time and energy.

When this repeatedly happens in a work environment, you will end up with leadership that is predominantly male, and women employees who will “take” being treated less than, time and time again.

This imbalance is very costly to businesses. It means this company will not be attractive to high-energetic, women leaders, whose very ideas may change the framework of their business.

I personally love helping to reshape these patterns of gender inequality in the workplace. I accomplish this with training, group coaching and sometimes, very specialized, individual coaching. Patterns that are present within work environments can be changed, and sometimes, the change is made easier with the aid of an outside person, such as a women leadership coach, that can identify the patterns that are not so easily seen when working in an environment, day in and day out.

Is your company wanting to create an inclusive work environment for all your employees? Are you ready to witness the benefits of a balanced workplace?

Reach out to Shannon to get more information on booking leadership training and coaching for your leaders. Here is the link to book a free 30-minute consultation.


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