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3 Ways to Improve Communication in an Organization

Leadership communication is a powerful tool. When used well, it can create the foundation for a successful organization. But when there’s poor internal communication, it won’t be long before an organization runs into some problems – with some of them being catastrophic. Before that happens, check out these three ways to improve communication in your organization, and see which ones you can start implementing today!

#1) Assess Your Current Internal Communications Strategy

You’re probably constantly reviewing and improving your external communications plan, but when’s the last time you assessed your company’s internal communications policy?

Having a solid internal communications strategy can ensure your messages are reaching everyone in your workplace. When employees can’t find the information they need to complete their work, they feel less engaged and more stressed. Avoid this from happening by effectively using communication tools to keep your employees informed.

Your plan should be in alignment with your business goals and help connect your team with each other. No matter how effective you think your current internal communications strategy is, there are likely areas that could use some improvement. To evaluate how well your current plan’s working, gather quantitative and qualitative results. How many employees are reading your emails? What type of feedback are you receiving from your team? Distribute surveys regularly to staff to identify existing communication problems, then get to work fixing them.

#2) Create an Open Dialogue

Excellent internal communication relies upon all staff being in the loop. Use your company newsletters or staff meetings to be transparent about company goals, progress and changes. Request feedback from employees and encourage questions and comments.

Integrate an online platform that can house important company information and messages. Doing so provides employees with an easily accessible hub to read (and revisit) crucial company information. For project management, use an online tool to facilitate communication and document work.

When your team feels they are playing an active role in the company’s direction, they’ll be more likely to communicate well.

#3) Build a Collaborative Environment

Depending on the size of your organization, some of your employees may barely know each other. Support cross-departmental interactions that aren’t only for work-related issues and encourage employees to communicate easily with others.

Meet weekly as a team to form a professional environment that encourages open communication. Hold regular individual meetings, too – they provide an opportunity for your more introverted staff to share ideas about projects and ideas.

Planning team events outside of work is also key. Besides employees getting to know each other better, external events can improve employee engagement and communication. Holiday parties, happy hours or family picnics are all great ideas.

Key Takeaway on How to Improve Communication in an Organization

You can’t be an effective leader without effective communication. Making internal communication a priority can help booat your company’s employee morale, retention rates, productivity levels and ROI.

Interested in learning more constructive ways to improve your communication skills? Check out our coaching solutions and book a free 30-minute consult to learn more.


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