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Poor Leadership Qualities that Drown Companies; Where’s My Rescue Team?

I am so glad you clicked on this blog post. You are likely here because you work with people who exhibit poor leadership qualities, or you might wonder where you fit in these less productive patterns. Either way, I’m glad that you showed up! Showing up is the first step to healthy leadership.

I have spent the last few years working with leaders and teams to grow and challenge the way they do things in order to create different results and experiences in the workplace. My business, Endless Ocean Coaching, gets to be the recuse team for some amazing leaders!

Here we go!


One of the most toxic leadership patterns is one that I call “insta-blame.” This means when a challenge or “mistake” arises, a leader or employee dives directly into the “who is to blame?” mode. My favorite video on blame is one by Brene Brown (seen here). When we blame others, we lose our footing and it becomes harder to be seen as a leader that is wise, kind, and fair. We betray the trust of those we serve with. Blaming also means that you’re not ready to be responsible for yourself, yet. If you are a blamer who is ready to become a new kind of leader and take responsibility, coaching is the key to learning this skill.


It’s so normal for people to avoid things and situations in which we feel threatened or uncomfortable. However, this pattern has a way of making problems bigger and often causes lackluster performance (in oneself and others). It also has a way of severing lines of communication within your workplace. If you avoid for too long, often people then get angry and start to blame. If you know you rely on avoidance with regards to a project, “the numbers,” a decision, a conversation, or taking a step forward, then you have an opportunity to become a more responsible leader. You are not alone but you are the only one who can do something about it. Today is a great day to start! With coaching you are not taking those first steps alone.

“I Love the Status Quo!”

The biggest thing getting in the way of companies and leaders signing up for coaching is unhealthy attachment to the status quo. Status quo companies often have a hard time making decisions quickly and keeping in perspective how this decision will impact them long-term. Then they wonder why things turned out the way they did, not realizing their lack of action or their choices created these outcomes.

Status Quo companies and leaders often keep employees who are not helping their business and are “ok” with things as they are. They tolerate insta-blamers and avoidance team members. They also keep people who are problem-focused, rather than problem solvers. Status quo leads to work environments in which one is constantly putting out fires instead of building the future.

Let’s Make Change!

So, what happens when you employ the rescue services of Endless Ocean Coaching? First off, you can congratulate yourself on taking the responsibly to hire a team of people that raises the daily quality of leadership in your organization. You will see that we are passionate about changing patterns in the workplace that no longer serve your organization. We have a knack for assisting each employee, leader, and team in a way that helps them grow. We bring awareness to patterns in healthy ways. We offer tools, that with practice, create even stronger leadership patterns. We don’t just fill the gap of knowledge—we support the process of living these new leadership qualities in the workplace, so you can feel the change. If you can’t feel the difference in your workplace, then nothing has truly changed.

Poor leadership patterns and trends make excellent red flags, telling us we want something else. And you are the only one who can make the decision that will create a better outcome. We can’t wait to help start the process of culture transformation! Snag an appointment with our team today!


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